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Sexy, silly and Goofy – the video work of the Pinque Pony boys.

Episode 2 of THE LOG JAM

Episode 2 of Pinque Pony’s new web series The Log Jam is out! Find out what happens to our trio of gay conservative lonelyhearts in episode two, “The Blowjob Creator,” where Arnold, the southern fried Republican, goes on a dream date with a gay billionaire (played by Brett Mannes). Everything seems perfect until it’s time to pay for their drinks. Written by John Loos Directed by Ward Crockett Starring John Loos, Andy¬†Eninger, Becca Levine, David Cerda, Brett Mannes, Patrick Serrano and Aimee Davis. The Log Jam – Episode 2 – “The Blowjob Creator”  

New Pinque Pony Web Series!

THE LOG JAM is a new web series written and produced by John and starring both Andy and John. It follows gay Republicans as they search for love and the meaning of life in Chicago’s hippest gay conservative bar. Helping them is power lesbian Betsy (Becca Levine) and the always-blunt bartender Nancy Reagan (David Cerda). Season 1 episodes of THE LOG JAM will be released through early December 2012. Check them out!    

VIDEO: Rick Santorum Reviews The Hunger Games



Everyone’s favorite movie enthusiast, Rick Santorum, has a lot to say about the latest, greatest blockbuster that has everyone buzzing like a tracker jacker: The Hunger Games!

Love Blossoms

Sometimes the narration to your life is a little bit off…

love blossoms