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A Conversation In A Bar

(This is a real conversation I had at a bar while I was flyering for a comedy show. I barely got a word in edgewise.  This appeared in my reading of “GETTING OLD’S A BITCH, AND SO AM I.”) Hey!  What’s this?  Oh, it’s a flyer for a show.  Neat.  Are you in this?  I bet you’re an actor.  You look like an actor.  Like that guy who played Psycho.  Anthony Hopkins.  Perkins.  Anthony Perkins.  You know how he died – he got a case of the – Oh, you’re just handing out flyers.  OK.  Don’t let me slow you down.  I remember when Psycho came out.  What a screamer.  I mean me – I screamed like a girl.  I was with a girlfriend, if you can believe it – a fiancée!  I was engaged.  Right – go do your flyering.  You flyer here at Big Chicks a lot?  I […]