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Love Blossoms

Sometimes the narration to your life is a little bit off…

love blossoms

Asian Cat

Asian Cat

Last night, John calls me from down the street.  He’s walking home from rehearsal, and I’ve been at home drinking wine and watching DVR’s Glee, crying because parents love their kids in the A-plot and kids are finding self-esteem in the B-plot.  John likes to call me while he’s walking places because his generation must always be entertained; while I’m walking, I typically go over my to-do’s or compose songs to the rhythm of my walking (and then cleverly not write them down.) On this particular evening, I’m possibly maybe a little tipsy from drinking wine at the condo board meeting, where a special assessment was discussed – the drummer and the actor drank the most.  And maybe I’m having more wine. John tells me he’s on the sidewalk outside about to come in, and I decide that I have to create a spectacle for his entrance.  I lay on […]

Reflections From Opening Night

  “Nice balls!” “Hey man, nice balls!” “Ha ha, balls.” Andy is precariously navigating the complicated escalator system at Piper’s Alley while carrying two enormous stability balls from the gym next door. On his trek back to the theater, everyone is a comedian except the trained comedian, who is struggling to hold both enormous orbs. It’s half an hour until show time. Meanwhile, John is frantically clacking away at Andy’s office computer, trying to get the word “POOP” to print in a large, readable font. Bookman Antique? Arial Black? Courier New? What makes “POOP” look best? Oh, and  better bold that shit, pronto. And yes, both items of business are very integral to the show. It’s opening night! Will anyone be in the crowd? Will they like us? Will John remember all his transitions? Will Andy remember his lines? Will we scare the crowd with our intense gayness? Dujuan, the […]

Winter Harbor

Nearly every summer, I work for a few weeks at a theater in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Last year, my parents Paul and Sharen visited me for a week. They brought the dog.  It was my first vacation alone with my parents since I was 3, when my brother came along.  Sharen organized the trip – Sharen organizes everything.  Paul is along for the ride, petting the dog hairless.  They pull into the driveway of the house where I’m staying, and honk for me to come out for our excursion.  By the time I get to the car, they are both sitting in the back seat with the car running: Apparently I’m driving.  We are going to Winter Harbor for a lobster festival.  Mom has gathered coffee and chocolate chip cookies from my favorite gourmet bakery in town.  I drive and we eat cookies and look at little Downeast towns.  On […]