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Pinque Pony Falls in love with Patti Vasquez

After our triumphant performance at the Chicago SketchFest, we are on the media circuit! Well, a circuit of one stop – the Patti Vasquez show. Listen as Patti V. gets the scoop on how we met, how we create, and how we fight functionally & with love.

Come On Everybody, Let’s 69!

Sketch duo Pinque Pony returns with “69,” a long-lost comedy show from the summer of 1969! The moon landing. The Stonewall riots. Woodstock. Angie Dickinson face-down in a pile of cocaine. We all know what happened elsewhere in the summer of 1969, but what was happening in Chicago? Pinque Pony (real-life couple Andy Eninger and John Loos) boldly answers this question with 69, a recently discovered “lost” sketch comedy revue that explores the iconic summer of 1969 through the eyes of our beloved Chicago, a city perpetually a step behind. 69 opens Feb. 7 at 10:30pm at Donny’s Skybox (1608 N. Wells) and runs Fridays in February through Feb. 28. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling 312-337-3992 or clicking here. Using New York’s Stonewall riots as inspiration, 69 weaves a tapestry of twisted, winning Chicagoans all on the cusp of major transformation. From murderous proto-feminists to surly laundry lesbians, bar-raiding cops, catty Marshall Field’s […]

Move Over, Terry Gross: Andy Eninger is the Hottest Thing On NPR!

Andy Eninger leads a workshop with Pinque Pony bestie and all-around amazing human Lisa Linke. Pinque Pony’s very own Andy Eninger is officially an NPR superstar! He was recently interviewed by Dan Weissman and featured for his series “At What Cost?”, a look at sacrifices notable and interesting people have made to attain their goals.

Goin’ to Duke City Gonna Have Some Fun!

    Pinque Pony is headed to New Mexico! From September 26-28, we are playing lusty Victorian women named Victoria and humpy sea creatures who hump each other in the 7th Annual Duke City Improv Festival! More info about the awesome fest here.

Pinque Pony Heats Up Alaska!

  We just got back from a wonderful, vista-tastic trip to Juneau, Alaska, for the first annual Alaska State Improv Festival (or, AS IF!). We hiked, we took a jabillion pictures, we drank coffee, we saw seals, we saw gigantic ravens, we drank local beers and we performed twice for truly fun and gracious crowds. A big thank you to Eric Caldwell, the mastermind behind the festival, and Amy Roeder, who recommended our gay silliness for The Last Frontier. Final Frontier? For the capital city that once employed Sarah Palin, and payed her, to do things, because of assumed competence. Seriously though, we had the absolute best time and can’t wait to come back to the stunning city of Juneau and play lady characters on the verge of yet another breakdown. Video clips of our performances coming soon!