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VIDEO: Rick Santorum Reviews The Hunger Games



Everyone’s favorite movie enthusiast, Rick Santorum, has a lot to say about the latest, greatest blockbuster that has everyone buzzing like a tracker jacker: The Hunger Games!

Love Blossoms

Sometimes the narration to your life is a little bit off…

love blossoms

TimeOut Chicago: “Totally Gaydar Worthy”

TimeOut Chicago¬†enjoyed Pinque Pony! “… a loose collection of scenes that satisfy one after the other. In the first sketch, Eninger and Loos use Grindr, an iPhone app that connects guys, to poke fun at the false faces gay men wear to attract a mate. They take aim at gay culture again in a sketch in which they role play a threesome using a puppet dressed as a cop. In a scene that’s almost tear-inducing, Eninger’s single guy prepares for a night of romance with 80s anthems like “Almost Paradise” and “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” playing in the background. As rejection looms in the distance, Enginger fills the scene with pathos and heart. Eninger has been writing and performing sketch comedy for many years, but just when you think he’ll overshadow his other half, Loos suprises with his own moments of comic prowess whether it’s as a stoic […]