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New Pinque Pony Web Series!

THE LOG JAM is a new web series written and produced by John and starring both Andy and John. It follows gay Republicans as they search for love and the meaning of life in Chicago’s hippest gay conservative bar. Helping them is power lesbian Betsy (Becca Levine) and the always-blunt bartender Nancy Reagan (David Cerda). Season 1 episodes of THE LOG JAM will be released through early December 2012. Check them out!    

Solo Improv Legend About To Lose His Mind

Andy Eninger presents his improvised solo show SYBIL opening Nov. 4th at 9:30pm at The Annoyance Theater (4830 N. Broadway). He shares the slot with real-life partner John Loos’ solo show Adorable Disasters. The shows run Sundays through Nov. 25. Tickets are $10. Named after the Sally Field film Sybil, where the actress played a character struggling with multiple personalities, Andy Eninger’s SYBIL taps into all sides of his creative brain and creates a tapestry of unique, bizarre and uplifting characters. Eninger takes an audience suggestion and improvises a new 30 minute solo show each week, spinning spontaneous scenes, songs and monologues about ladies on the brink, self-delusional men in dire straights, and unapologetically cruel children. Playful, wicked, and ultimately warm, Eninger has been called “a performer who inspires absolute allegiance.” (The Reader) Says Eninger, “I discover the stories at the same time as the audience – I’m always fascinated, and sometimes a bit horrified, to […]

Love Blossoms

Sometimes the narration to your life is a little bit off…

love blossoms

TimeOut Chicago: “Totally Gaydar Worthy”

TimeOut Chicago enjoyed Pinque Pony! “… a loose collection of scenes that satisfy one after the other. In the first sketch, Eninger and Loos use Grindr, an iPhone app that connects guys, to poke fun at the false faces gay men wear to attract a mate. They take aim at gay culture again in a sketch in which they role play a threesome using a puppet dressed as a cop. In a scene that’s almost tear-inducing, Eninger’s single guy prepares for a night of romance with 80s anthems like “Almost Paradise” and “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” playing in the background. As rejection looms in the distance, Enginger fills the scene with pathos and heart. Eninger has been writing and performing sketch comedy for many years, but just when you think he’ll overshadow his other half, Loos suprises with his own moments of comic prowess whether it’s as a stoic […]