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Rehearsals Have Begun for ‘1979’

    Director Ryan Archibald and cast have started creating the new show “1979.” Here, Shantira and Becca explore life for lady astronauts in the year 1979.

Oh How We Heart HEART!

  Pinque Pony is BACK with another installation of our hit monthly variety showcase RIDE! This month, we pay tribute to the two of the ballsiest, sexiest women in rock history: HEART! Why Heart, you ask? Besides their amazing vocal talent, guitar playing, hard rockin’ abilities and gigantic drag queen hair, we love that they are sisters who have kicked ass and taken names in a realm almost exclusively occupied by men with gigantic drag queen hair. No one doubts the talent of Heart. Even the hardest rockers know they kick fucking ass, then and now. So come see us Wed. Nov. 19 at 8pm at The Public House Theatre for an evening of unparalleled talent. Just look at this lineup!   Lori McLain (Song & Story) Jeff Bouthiette (Music) Jonathan Wagner (Music) Butch Jerinic (Story) Kyna Lenhof (Story) Seth & Ayla (Music) Pinque Pony (Dumb bits!!)    

Meet Yankee, The Amazing Rock-Pop Duo You Should Be Listening To Right Now

In a few short days, Pinque Pony RIDEs again with our kickass, tribute to the music of that California canyon lady herself, Joni Mitchell! One of the incredible acts we have lined up for this mega-awesome night is a new friend of Pinque Pony that we met performing at Hump Night at the Apollo Theater. Yankee made us laugh our pinque asses off and stomp our feet with their ingenious combination of wild-fun drum beats and guitar, whip-smart songwriting and winning delivery. Yankee is a music project between two childhood friends from Wisconsin, Josh Vaughn and Caleb Price, and you can learn more about them at So click that link like it’s the only way to cure your cancer and check these awesome dudes out!   And in their own words:    YANKEE is the effing latest visceral music project from Josh Vaughn and Caleb Price.  Childhood friends from Wisconsin who moved to Chicago in […]

RIDE the Pony From Both Sides Now

  Another month, another RIDE approaches! This month, we are celebrating the music of the best thing Canada the human race has ever produced, Joni Mitchell! It’s no surprise that Pinque Pony loves them some Joni, she of the flaxen hair and deep-yet-chirpy, summer-drive-along-the-California-coast-y voice. In fact, hanging in our office is a huge picture of a Joni Mitchell impersonator (no, not John) that Andy saw in Provincetown and loved oh so much. In fact, on a given Saturday morning, it would not be odd to find us sipping coffee, writing and having uber-deep thoughts while listening to Joni’s Blue album, or Court and Spark. So, in tribute to Joni, we’ve assembled another fantabulous lineup of talent to perform sketch, sing songs, play covers and tell amazing stories. We have two superstars from the sketch group Close-Up, Jenna Steege and Christopher Woolsey, weaving their magic! We have the storytelling genius of […]

Get Ready to Ride the Pony!

  On  May 21, we’re kicking off our monthly variety show RIDE at The Public House Theater! Holy shit! What is RIDE? Why should you care? RIDE is a variety experience in two acts, inspired each month by a different music icon. In the first act, there will be music, sketch and storytelling wholly or gently influenced by the music icon in question. In the second, all participants are invited to “Ride the Pony” and perform a long-form improv set also inspired by that month’s musical genius. Our first show is inspired by tiny, towering music maven PRINCE!     There will be covers! Stories! Sketches! Some Prince-tastic, other just hilarious. It will be a redonkulously fun evening, hosted by Pinque Pony, and we swear it won’t be longer than an hour and fifteen minutes. Come on out! Wednesay, May 21 at 8pm! Tickets are a slick $10! Ride the […]