Pinque Pony is comedy for people who like it dirty, smart, and delicious.  Real-life couple John Loos and Andy Eninger write and perform sketch comedy that celebrates outsiders, tragi-glamorous women, gay stereotypes, and dysfunctional relationships.  Well, their own dysfunctional relationship.

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“The evening takes an explicit, gay turn with Pinque Pony. Real-life couple Andy Eninger and John Loos ride the audience hard with fast-paced, clever sketches. Highlights include middle-aged ladies who ‘shop to keep the voices quiet’ and two old queens who pick up younger men with lines like, ‘Do you like history? Want to see what 1941 tastes like?’ If the jokes aren’t enough for you, wait til the guys take off their tank tops and show off their physiques.” – Chicago Reader

In 2010, Pinque Pony was selected for TimeOut Chicago’s Top 23 Sexiest Chicagoans list. Check out the list HERE, and scroll over to see the boys!