Oh How We Heart HEART!



Pinque Pony is BACK with another installation of our hit monthly variety showcase RIDE!

This month, we pay tribute to the two of the ballsiest, sexiest women in rock history: HEART!

Why Heart, you ask? Besides their amazing vocal talent, guitar playing, hard rockin’ abilities and gigantic drag queen hair, we love that they are sisters who have kicked ass and taken names in a realm almost exclusively occupied by men with gigantic drag queen hair.

No one doubts the talent of Heart. Even the hardest rockers know they kick fucking ass, then and now.

So come see us Wed. Nov. 19 at 8pm at The Public House Theatre for an evening of unparalleled talent. Just look at this lineup!


Lori McLain (Song & Story)
Jeff Bouthiette (Music)
Jonathan Wagner (Music)
Butch Jerinic (Story)
Kyna Lenhof (Story)
Seth & Ayla (Music)
Pinque Pony (Dumb bits!!)