Meet Yankee, The Amazing Rock-Pop Duo You Should Be Listening To Right Now


In a few short days, Pinque Pony RIDEs again with our kickass, tribute to the music of that California canyon lady herself, Joni Mitchell!

One of the incredible acts we have lined up for this mega-awesome night is a new friend of Pinque Pony that we met performing at Hump Night at the Apollo Theater.

Yankee made us laugh our pinque asses off and stomp our feet with their ingenious combination of wild-fun drum beats and guitar, whip-smart songwriting and winning delivery.

Yankee is a music project between two childhood friends from Wisconsin, Josh Vaughn and Caleb Price, and you can learn more about them at So click that link like it’s the only way to cure your cancer and check these awesome dudes out!


And in their own words:


 YANKEE is the effing latest visceral music project from Josh Vaughn and Caleb Price.  Childhood friends from Wisconsin who moved to Chicago in order to kick their fear of humanity, but also thrive and write catchy, fun, driving rock-pop.

    They succeeded.
      Their new self-titled L.P. brings dynamic, funny, human insight into micro-macro circumstances of everyday life.  From “friends who are bad guests,” to “a pilot from Japan who has the utmost positive mental strength,” “an eerie acoustic ballad about a tired relationship,” “satirical mentions of food culture, religion, the love-hate relationship we have for mainstream society.”   
       YANKEE‘s debut album is a warm-hot-cold mesh, endearing, honest; telling of a suburban-dark-comedic upbringing.  Through racy guitar licks, drums that are organic, and a lyrical originality, a bond, a togetherness not seen or heard in so many groups today.
        Siamese almost, synchronized, melded, “an utter nonsensical joy, this record is.”  That quote is from, you guessed it.  Yoda. 

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