Get Ready to Ride the Pony!



On ┬áMay 21, we’re kicking off our monthly variety show RIDE at The Public House Theater! Holy shit!

What is RIDE? Why should you care?

RIDE is a variety experience in two acts, inspired each month by a different music icon. In the first act, there will be music, sketch and storytelling wholly or gently influenced by the music icon in question. In the second, all participants are invited to
“Ride the Pony” and perform a long-form improv set also inspired by that month’s musical genius.

Our first show is inspired by tiny, towering music maven PRINCE!




There will be covers! Stories! Sketches! Some Prince-tastic, other just hilarious. It will be a redonkulously fun evening, hosted by Pinque Pony, and we swear it won’t be longer than an hour and fifteen minutes.

Come on out! Wednesay, May 21 at 8pm! Tickets are a slick $10!

Ride the pony! Ride it hard!