Move Over, Terry Gross: Andy Eninger is the Hottest Thing On NPR!

Andy Eninger workshop 1Andy Eninger leads a workshop with Pinque Pony bestie and all-around amazing human Lisa Linke.

Pinque Pony’s very own Andy Eninger is officially an NPR superstar! He was recently interviewed by Dan Weissman and featured for his series “At What Cost?”, a look at sacrifices notable and interesting people have made to attain their goals.

Andy, you may not know, left the corporate world to start his own comedy business more than a decade ago, giving up a cushy salary and health insurance to follow his dreams. And now, he’s the head of the Writing Program at Second City, a superstar in their Communications wing, and he gets to perform with his insanely glamorous and interesting boyfriend, John Loos, as part of your friendly neighborhood Pinque Pony.

Basically, Andy = Amazing. Andmayzing? Andymazing? Something like that.

You can listen to his NPR piece HERE.

And! You can read the article version of his interview HERE.