Goin’ to Duke City Gonna Have Some Fun!




Pinque Pony is headed to New Mexico! From September 26-28, we are playing lusty Victorian women named Victoria and humpy sea creatures who hump each other in the 7th Annual Duke City Improv Festival!

More info about the awesome fest here.

This is exciting to us for many reasons. John is excited because he’s never been to New Mexico before, and he can’t wait to buy some sort of glass container with different-colored tiers of sand. Andy (and John) is excited because Andy has family in Albuquerque!

And we’re both excited because we get to perform our silly/sassy brand of long-term-relationship-homoprov in a festival filled with super talented improvisers.

And! Triple double mega exciting is the fact our friends from the Alaska State Improv Festival, Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger, will be there too!

It’ll be a hot air balloon ride of make-’em-up funz. And we’ll keep you updated the whole time!