1979: A Lost Comedy From 1979

Disco. Chest hair. Afros. The Iran hostage situation. Wildly unkempt lady parts. Of all the years that have existed, 1979 was definitely one of them.

Veteran sketch duo and real-life gay couple Pinque Pony (John Loos, Andy Eninger) is getting ready to party like it’s 1979 in their all-new sketch review “79,” opening Saturday Feb. 22 at 7:30pm at Under The Gun Theater (956 W. Newport Ave.) The show runs Saturdays through March 21st.

Following the success of their 2014 revue “69,” set entirely in the year 1969, Pinque Pony has leapt into the seventies and brought along four veteran Chicago comedy performers to create their first ensemble show directed by Second City Touring Company director Ryan Archibald.

If the year 1969 was all about revolution, evolution and celebration, 1979 signifies the end of the party. With the 1980s looming, and Reaganism, AIDS, engorged Joan Crawford shoulder pads and a sudden return to conservativism on the horizon, the cast of “79” explores a different kind of cataclysmic societal shift.

However, just like band on the Titanic, the bell-bottomed, disco-loving denizens of 1979 are going down in  glittering, finger-dancing style. Key parties! Cocaine! Fondu! Burt Reynolds mustaches! An unhealthy obsession with vegetable colors! “79” explores it all, as well as the dawn of the teen slasher film, sexism at NASA, the whiteness of the Oscars, teenage angst in the face of the Iran crisis, the scatological tastes of film critic Pauline Kael and all that jazz.

Joining the cast of “79” are the formidable talents of Adam Bindert (GayCo’s “Bearly Legal”), Becky Eldridge (creator of “Little House on the Parody” and “Band Geeks: A Halftime Musical”), Shantira Jackson (Bob Curry fellow and star of Annoyance’s “Lady Balls”) and Becca Levine (“Lady Balls,” “A Woman’s Path”).

They’ve got all their life to live. They’ve got all their love to give. And they will survive. They will survive. HEY HEY!

Four Shows ONLY
Saturdays 7:30PM
February 28th
March 7
March 14
March 21

Becky Eldridge, John Loos, Becca Levine, Andy Eninger, Shantira Jackson and Adam Bindert
Directed by Ryan Archibald
Musical Direction by Jeffrey Bouthiette
Assistant Director Samantha Reid

Under The Gun Theater
956 W Newport, 2nd Floor, Chicago IL, 60657

Tickets $18

Reserve Tickets at Undertheguntheater.com