Pinque Pony on The Sketch Review!


We have been lucky enough to be featured on The Sketch Review, a great web site dedicated to all things sketch in the Chicagoland area. John interviewed with Fin Coe, the site’s creator, and discussed the history of Pinque Pony, why we chose to do a show in 1969 and our penchant for really fantastic wigs.

Check out our interview here!

Also, stay tuned as Pinque Pony will soon be on the radio. More details to come!

Meet Our Director: Tyler Dean Kempf



Throughout the process of our new show 69, our fabulous director Tyler Dean Kempf has challenged us, pushed us, supported us and patiently put up with reading the roughly four dozen sobbing housewife scenes brought in by John.

But who is this Tyler Dean Kempf? Turns out, he’s an uber-talent. Not only does he skillfully direct gay couples who want to play women and/or climb on each other in every scene, he’s also an ace teacher at The Second City, an accomplished playwright, and has his very own production company: Lucy Cooper Productions

Basically, everyone should work with/hire/have dance parties with Tyler if they get a chance. He’s our hero! Thank you for all your hard work and guidance!

Come On Everybody, Let’s 69!


Sketch duo Pinque Pony returns with “69,” a long-lost comedy show from the summer of 1969!

The moon landing. The Stonewall riots. Woodstock. Angie Dickinson face-down in a pile of cocaine. We all know what happened elsewhere in the summer of 1969, but what was happening in Chicago?

Pinque Pony (real-life couple Andy Eninger and John Loos) boldly answers this question with 69, a recently discovered “lost” sketch comedy revue that explores the iconic summer of 1969 through the eyes of our beloved Chicago, a city perpetually a step behind.

69 opens Feb. 7 at 10:30pm at Donny’s Skybox (1608 N. Wells) and runs Fridays in February through Feb. 28. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling 312-337-3992 or clicking here.

Using New York’s Stonewall riots as inspiration, 69 weaves a tapestry of twisted, winning Chicagoans all on the cusp of major transformation. From murderous proto-feminists to surly laundry lesbians, bar-raiding cops, catty Marshall Field’s fops, insanely tragic Partridge Family singers and even infamous Cubs manager Leo Durocher, Eninger and Loos balance the bizarre with the beautiful and draw parallels to today’s uncertain, restless times.

Did we mention there will be an appearance by maniacal theater goddess Mary Martin?

Pinque Pony is a two-man sketch duo consisting of real-life couple Andy Eninger (head of The Second City Writing Program) and John Loos (GayCo Productions, The Second City Network). Eninger and Loos have been a couple for nearly seven years, and have been performing as Pinque Pony for four. Together, they’ve performed at Second City, Annoyance, Davenport’s and as far away as Alaska, New Mexico and the Caribbean.

69 is directed by Tyler Dean Kempf (Second City, Lucy Cooper Productions). For more press photos, please check out our Press page!

See you at Donny’s Skybox!

What To Expect From Pinque Pony’s 2014 Sketchfest Show




In one week (Jan. 10), Pinque Pony makes its Chicago Sketchfest debut. This sure to be the most important thing to happen since Beyonce sampled the Challenger explosion in her XO song.

Chicago Sketchfest, for those who don’t know, is the world’s biggest sketch comedy festival and one hell of a fun time. Pinque Pony, for those who don’t know, is the world’s biggest purveyor of sobbing lady characters played by unshaven men and one hell of a fun time.

But what to expect when you all come see our show? We’re hard at work to make sure it’s the most talked about show not just in Sketchfest history, but human history. Take that, any random episode of Match Game where everyone was tanked.

Here’s what you will see when you see Pinque Pony*:


- An accurate recreation of the last musical number of Xanadu, complete with costumes, gold pants and 700 coked-up extras on roller skates

-  Shelley Winters’ reanimated corpse singing the entire Pebbles songbook

- A half-cure for typhoid

- A love letter/hate letter to Broadway legend Mary Martin

- A live narwhal whale that’s confused as fuck

- TV’s Julie Bowen

- A free timpani for every audience member

- Artificial snow-making machines that make the entire set look like a cheap ski resort in southern Wisconsin

-  A short program and a long program, both with a risky triple-axel, double-loop combo

- Festive outerwear

- Finally some Truth being laid down about the possibility of humans living in the upper atmosphere of Venus like some Lando Calrissian sky city bullshit.

- A 4-hour retrospective on Not Another Teen Movie, including Q&A with Maya Angelou

- Glampons

- One single, solitary LeBron James supercock


*Only one of these things will probably be in the show. Maybe two.

6 Surprising Facts About Introverts



Introverts are a beautiful, weird, wonderful bunch. More than just “shy” or “quiet,” introverts are actually very successful in high-intensity, social careers, and love being around people, albeit in different ways than the typical, life-of-the-party extrovert. Did you know some notable introverts include Steve Martin, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln?

In fact, at least one member of Pinque Pony is an introvert, so we’d like to clear up some misconceptions and share some surprising facts about who introverts are and how our brains are wired.

Here are 6 surprising facts you may not know about introverts, and should remember next time you’re at a party with one:

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SNL Has An Adorable Gay Couple Problem. Here Are 5 Adorable Gay Couples They Should Hire

gay couple


It’s hard to believe that in its nearly 40-year history, Saturday Night Live has only had three adorable gay couples in its cast.

The first adorable gay couple was Gilbert Gottfried and Joe Piscopo in the early 1980s, followed by Victoria Jackson and her giant head bows/latent racism in the early 1990s. The most recent adorable gay couple to be feature players on SNL was Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz, almost a decade ago, who were known for playing stereotypically giggly gay men who can’t just read their damn lines off the cue card and not break in every single goddamn scene goddamnit.

Not helping SNL’s adorable gay couple deficiency are the recent comments by Kenan Thompson, who said recently in a job interview with a temp agency that adorable gay couples “just aren’t ready” to swish their way onto the iconic sketch comedy show.

However, if you only look for adorable gay sketch comedy couples in the white, straight bromances of the improv world, there’s no wonder you can’t find any. Because there are plenty out there.

Here are 5 Adorable Gay Sketch Comedy Couples Who Are Killing It Right Now:

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Move Over, Terry Gross: Andy Eninger is the Hottest Thing On NPR!

Andy Eninger workshop 1Andy Eninger leads a workshop with Pinque Pony bestie and all-around amazing human Lisa Linke.

Pinque Pony’s very own Andy Eninger is officially an NPR superstar! He was recently interviewed by Dan Weissman and featured for his series “At What Cost?”, a look at sacrifices notable and interesting people have made to attain their goals.

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How To Entertain Like a Fancy Gay Couple When You Are Not a Fancy Gay Couple


Many of us Regular Gays have been in this position. You and your boyfriend are having people over. Hooray! You have friends and a social life! But there’s a problem: You’re not fancy. Fuck!

What kind of drinks will you serve? What Trader Joe’s snacks will you hurriedly throw into bowls? Do we have a serving tray that we can stupidly frou-frou up? Is there a way to make the couch look less comfortable and more magazine-cover-y? Should we buy some French lanterns? Are French lanterns even a thing?

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7 TV Shows Pinque Pony Would Love to Star In



Ideas, ideas, ideas! That’s what Hollywood wants. And we here at Pinque Pony have them in spades. And clubs. And sassy diamonds.

If our favorite TV Networks are reading this, and we know you are, we have the next Big Watercooler Show for you that will win Emmys, be talked about amongst friends in lieu of actual meaningful conversation, and be TiVoed by that all-important 18-34 market. In fact, we have seven!

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Goin’ to Duke City Gonna Have Some Fun!




Pinque Pony is headed to New Mexico! From September 26-28, we are playing lusty Victorian women named Victoria and humpy sea creatures who hump each other in the 7th Annual Duke City Improv Festival!

More info about the awesome fest here.

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